Art that celebrates being woman

and blooming forward. Art and poetry that celebrates strong women and traditional values.

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Prayer Angels-Illustration and Poem

Am I alone? I ask my Father I listen Waiting to know Then I hear it-­ Voices Praying for me Sending me warmth Giving me light Then I know I am never alone Because of those kneeling in prayer Love, Anna

Latter-Day Mother- Poem and Illustration

Latter-Day Mother As I’m holding my newborn childI feel the weight of the world upon meIt feelsheavychaoticHow will I navigate through the chaos I feel?Because I was born for a time like thisBecause I am a Latter Day MotherI am armed with God’s giftsI have a baby in one arm and the sword of truth…

God’s Hands-Illustration and Poem

I imagine our Father in Heavenholding His Only Begotten Son on that Holy NightHe smiles, with a tear in His eye as He gazes upon His Gift to the world the Savior to us allyet a baby cradled in His HandsI imagine our Father in Heavenholding the baby who never took a breath outside of…